Friday, August 11th, from 5-7:00 pm.

The Veggie Creature Contest is open to all children ages 12 and under. The creature creation event will be held at the Fairgrounds, Friday, August 11th, from 5-7:00 pm. There will be material available to construct your creature, but you can also bring fruits and/or vegetables from home to use. We will have a variety of vegetables and fruits, pins, toothpicks, wire, string, and dowels available. Each child must name his/her creature when it is completed.

The creature creation class will have helpers on hand to assist children with cutting and pinning. Each child must construct his/her own creature. Your Veggie Creature will be judged on construction, originality creativity, and naming.

There will be three age categories for prizes as follows;

6 yrs. and under, 7-9 yrs., 10-12 yrs.

*One 1st place prize of $10.00;

*One 2nd place prize of $5.00;

Prizes will be awarded in each age category*

Saturday, August 12th 

Bean Bag Toss Tournament: 3 p.m. Two age groups;Youth 13-20, Adult 21 and over. ($5.00 fee) Contact Kristen at 303-902-5859


 Sunday, August 13th

- Bocce Ball Tournament: 11:00 a.m. ($5.00 Entry Fee) Double Elimination

-Barnyard Miniature Golf Tournament:12:00 NOON (Contact Keith Lindner)

 - Medallion Hunt;  11:00 a.m. (Clues will be announced and posted in the Exhibit Building)  $100.00 Prize!