"Thank you" 

to Janeen Larson for all her hard work collecting donations. 


"Thank you"

 for all the BUTTON PRIZE DONATIONS received from the following BUSINESSES AND INDIVIDUALS


Arby's, Bemidji, MN

B'z Floral & Gift, Kelliher, MN

Beck Oil Company, Blackduck, MN

Bemidji Woolen Mills, Bemidji, MN

Bernicks, Bemidji, MN

Big Apple Bagels, Bemidji, MN

Big Falls Liquor Store, Falls, MN

Big Fork Valley Hospital, Big Fork, MN

Bill's Corner Gas Station, Littlefork, MN

Black Bear Drive In, Northome, MN

Blackduck Coop Agriculture Service, Blackduck, MN

Blackduck Family Foods, Blackduck, MN

Blackduck Lanes, Blackduck, MN

Bobcat of Bemidji, Bemidji, MN

Bogart's Service, Blackduck, MN

Burger King, Bemidji, MN

Cease Family Funeral Home, Blackduck, MN

City Drug, International Falls, MN

City of Mizpah, Mizpah, MN

Clear Lake Resort, Mizpah, MN

Country Kitchen, Bemidji, MN

Countryside Restaurant, Blackduck, MN

Deerwood Bank, Northome, MN

Dickey's BBQ, Bemidji, MN

D & R Bait and Tackle, Kelliher, MN

Doug Jourdan Construction, Mizpah, MN

Duck In and Eat Restaurant, Blackduck, MN

Effie Café, Effie, MN

Effie Country Service, Effie, MN

First State Bank of Bigfork, Bigfork, MN

Fisher Petroleum, Northome, MN

Fish Tales Bar & Grille, Squaw Lake, MN

Jan & Bob Fox, Mizpah, MN

Friend's Garbage Service, International Falls, MN

Funkley Bar, Funkley, MN

Gary Anderson Agency, Blackduck, MN

Girl Scouts of America, Bemidji, MN

Gorden's General Store, Big Falls, MN

Hardee's, Bemidji, MN

Hardee's, International Falls, MN

Hillcrest Supper Club, Blackduck, MN

Home Depot, Bemidji, MN

Hoot N Holler, Alvwood, MN

Housing Redevelopment Authority, Northome, MN

Ita Bel Koo DAC, Northome, MN

J & D Family Foods, Littlefork, MN

Juleen Trisko Schneider, Amy Trisko, Northome, MN

Kalvig & Associates, Inc., Blackduck, MN

Kelliher Auto Sales, Kelliher, MN

Kelliher Liquor Store, Kelliher, MN

Kocian's Family Market, Bigfork, MN

L & M Fleet Supply, Bemidji, MN

Lakes Concrete Plus, Inc., Bemidji, MN

Land O'Lakes Wood Preserving, Tenstrike, MN

Larsen, Roger (Nuverra), Tioga, ND

Lindner, Richelle, Northome, MN

Littlefork Liquor Store, Littlefork, MN

Lueken's, Bemidji, MN

Maggert Machine, Big Falls, MN

Maggert Transportation Inc., Northome, MN

MC Styles, Northome, MN

McDonald's, Bemidji, MN

Max Mini Store, Squaw Lake, MN

Mizpah Liquor Store, Mizpah, MN

Mort's Electric, Mort's Dock, Kelliher, MN

Mort's Electric, Waskish, MN

Nei Bottling Company/Pepsi Co., Bemidji,

North Itasca Electric Coop., Inc., Bigfork, MN

North Shore Bay Resort, Northome, MN

Northlander Gift Shop Blackduck, MN

Northome Grocery, Northome, MN

Northome Library, Northome, MN

Northome Muni Liquor Store, Northome, MN

Northome School, Northome, MN

Northome Seniors and Handicapped, Northome, MN

Northome True Value, Northome, MN

Northwoods Craft, Northome, MN

Northwoods LB Foods, Big Falls, MN

Northwoods Lumber, Blackduck, MN

Papa Murphy's, Bemidji, MN

Paul Bunyan Communications, Bemidji, MN

Penney's Salon, Northome, MN

Perkins, Bemidji, MN

Pizza Hut, Bemidji, MN

Pond (The), Blackduck, MN

Powerhouse Bar & Grille, Northome, MN

Promersberger's Corner, Big Falls, MN

Qdoba's, Bemidji, MN

Randy's Repair, Blackduck, MN

Raphael's, Bemidji, MN

Reinarz Station, Mizpah, MN

Ridgerunners, Northome, MN

Ronnings, International Falls, MN

Skoe Lumber Company, Northome, MN

Security Insurance, Blackduck, MN

Shining Light Café, Northome, MN

Super One, International Falls, MN

Target, Bemidji, MN

Timber Rose Floral & Gift, Bigfork, MN

True Value, Northome, MN

Ungerecht Logging, Northome, MN

Up North Lawn & Cabin Care, Northome, MN

Walmart, Bemidji, MN

Wells Fargo Bank, Blackduck, MN

West Wind Resort, Waskish, MN

Wiley, Dianne, Mizpah, MN

William's Septic & Electric, Inc., Squaw Lake, MN